The X-Files: Deep State Recenzje App

Um, what?

First of all, I couldn’t even get through the tutorial because the game kept crashing and freezing. I even tried deleting it and reloading and it was still super buggy and still can’t get past the tutorial. Secondly, the male FBI agent who assisted me through the tutorial has the female Siri voice as his voiceover...weird.

Pretty Good

The only two things I don’t like about this game are the voices (or the lack of believable ones) and the fact that Mulder and Scully aren’t actually in the game. Yeah, they’re mentioned, at least Mulder is as far as I’ve gotten but I would have loved to have actually interacted with them. It doesn’t really feel like the true X-Files experience without them. Also, I know I only said two things but the having to wait forever to play once you’ve run out of energy and stars is low key high key annoying af. But it is a really interesting game. When I had enough game currency, it kept me occupied for hours. Now it’s become something I check back in on every couple hours and only play for like 5 minutes until I’m on empty again. All in all, pretty good game. If I had to choose one thing to say this is what I’m complaining about, it would be the voices. Please fix the voices. I will literally be a voice over actor for you if you need me to. Just please fix them ASAP!!!

Can’t even play

Always lags and freezes when I launch on my XS Max. Never got a chance to even play the game


The robot voice...? Really? I’ve played so many different types of games like this and they ALL had different voices. I can’t believe the X Files a well known show cannot have “real” voices. I tried playing the game but just couldn’t get past that.

Buggy please fix

The game is fun and addictive but it’s so buggy lately please fix

Glitchy and Siri talks to you

It took me about 3 days just to get the game to load. Extremely glitchy at the beginning. Frequently had to force close the app. Progress wasn’t saved. It was also weird to hear Siri’s monotone voice talking to me and the gameplay (what little I managed to get through with the glitches) doesn’t allow you to change to voice free.


Not only is the amount of time that I wasted waiting for the energy to refill just to get stars to get to the next unneeded task to waste more time annoying, but now the app isn’t even working! It opens, freezes and then crashes. I’m uninstalling.


It is embarrassing how buggy this app is. I have to close it to move forward. I had hoped it would improved as I haltingly moved forward but alas, no.

Freezing problem??

Love the game A LOT, a little upset though because the game keeps freezing and I can’t do anything and have to completely force close the app and redo what I just did.


Game is either lagging or freezing. Uninstalled and still same issue on a brand new iPhone X. Very frustrating


The game is very nice and good but i have an issue that when i am playing the game suddenly freezes or it shutoff back to home screen My internet connection is good speed 80 mb/s so i think its not a connection problem Maybe u need to make some bug fixes really i love to play this game And thank u

Kept closing

This game seemed pretty good . Also I love the X-Files but as soon as it ask me to customize the avatar it kept freezing or closing up .

Wouldn't let me play

[file-case.01] This game is so mystery, it didn't even let me play. It freeze just after i press play. I wish the developer can solve this case as soon as possible. Or is it just me?

Great game! But BUGGY

I love the game so far, especially how your choices can affect how the story turns out, and would give it a solid 5⭐️s... ...BUT! This version crashes constantly. Even just logging in with Facebook can take 2-4 tries. And if you’re in the middle of investigating a scene, and it freezes? You lose your energy and even stars sometimes. I hope there’s an update to fix this soon because the game itself is GOLD. Any other game that was so buggy would have been trashed long ago.

Constantly freezes

I have the updated version of IOS. The updated version of this app. Yet I’m barely through the first case because it keeps freezing??? Irritating and might delete soon if this continues. Other than that, very good content, I enjoy the art style. Maybe get rid of the computer voice overs, it just feels off.

Fix please

I played this game on my phone perfectly, did all the cases out and was patiently waiting for more. Then I get an iPad and download the game to it, to see if it’s easier to see things. It made me start over but being done with all the cases I didn’t mind, gave me something to do while we waited for more cases. But ever since I download it I can barley get pass one HO freezes constantly, couldn’t even make my avatar the way I wanted or my name cause of the freezing. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it several times, and nothing. Restarted my iPad and nothing. I love this game but I refuse to download it again if it’s going to freeze all the time. Please fix.


Just keeps crashing all the time. Delete.


It glitches/freezes up A LOT. I don’t know if it’s on my part or if it’s the game, but I’m thinking it’s the game because I’ll go to play my other games when this one freezes up on me and they work fine. Other than that, it’s good! If you like hidden object games, you’ll love it.

Need some work

It looks good at the start of the game but it was so glitch that I couldn’t get past it


Doesn’t work on iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12.0.1. It freezes and force closes every time I try playing. Terrible so I uninstalled.

No funciona

La aplicación no funciona, se comporta como un virus, no deja continuar, se traba y se bloquea. Hace mi móvil más lento, y mi memoria es de 128 gb

Too buggy

Played on latest iOS and this game is barely playable. The game keeps freezing and bugs out every few minutes. There is no voice acting, rather it’s a computer dictation of the text. Best to just turn it off.

Was a 5 star, now a 1

Since the last chapter dropped this app crashes constantly. It seems like it may be related to the Game Center loading, but it is now unplayable.

UPDATED: Terrible Robotic Voices and Glitchy

First, the robotic voiceovers are horrible. Second, the game rarely loads and when it does, it crashes all the time. Unplayable. DELETED!

Super buggy

This game has been super buggy. It sometimes starts, sometimes doesn’t. When it does the audio is messed up. Sometimes button/clicking responses get severe delay and even freeze the game. It’s an inconsistent mess for something with such a high profile name and App Store feature. This is coming from a guy that rarely writes reviews.

If it didn't keep locking up, it could be interesting.

The title says it all. I've tried over and over. Game constantly locks up. Sometimes during boot, sometimes during the game. Ironically, it runs perfectly on my Android.

Needs more work on the game!

The app keeps on freezing up on me

Ham freezing

I would love to actually be able to play however I just started and the gam freezes every few minutes. I have to restart completely. I loose all progress made even if I finished the task. Please fix...

OMG crashes

The game crashes so frequently and u lose energy if it crashes in middle of an activity. Please fix! And replenish lost energy.


You need to update this app. It’s not working well with ios12 update.

How does this get such high ratings?

The game was working fine in the beginning (and I was actually enjoying it), then I paid to have unlimited play, and now the game is useless. It either freezes before I can hit play or crashes right as I start to play. I emailed them, which has been a total waste of time. I regret wasting my money on this.

Fix please

I like the game, but once I signed in after I finished season 1, want to start season 2, it wouldn’t let me. It showing me that I haven’t finished the case 6. The meter on top shows 100% and on the sides it shows me what I get after I finish that a case. 2 stars for energy, 2 stars for money and go to the next case. With the cases though, it shows the top half finished and the bottom half it says, “NOT AVAILABLE YET” so I can’t move forward, yet I can’t continue with case 6 since there’s nothing for me to continue with. So I’m stuck. Please fix.

Locks Up and Crashes

Apple named this app as a “featured game” today so I thought I would give it a try. First of all, the game wouldn’t open but instead crashed 3 times on the opening title, FoxNext. I rebooted my iPad and the game finally opened. However, it locked up 4 times then crashed just playing the first game level. I feel the developers need to go back to the drawing board and figure out the problem unless it’s not compatible with IOS 12 which I’m running.

Can’t play!

I can’t even get into the game! I’ll start a part of the conversation from the beginning of the game then it’ll take me back to the log in screen!

Great game but....

The game is amazing don’t get me wrong but every time I try to load it or play it, it freezes and shuts off at specific moments. I want to be able to enjoy the game with out it freezing in me. I honestly already tired closing the app and opening it up again then I tried erasing it and downloading it again but it still shut off. I want the best for the game but I cannot enjoy it when it shuts off constantly.

Great game but the voices

I love this game I did all the levels about four five or six months ago and I loved it but now with those robotic voices its harder to play. It would be so much better with just silence and the music during the cutscenes.

Do not play!! App steals money!

Certainly don’t try any in game purchases! I spent $30 and was never given the product I paid for, and “support” refused to just give me the product or refund my money! If you happen to make a purchase while their server is “down for maintenance” you lose everything!!! They don’t even communicate that the server is down! Avoid this company (Creative Media); takes money and does not deliver product!!

Love! Waiting for more!

I loved this game, nice hints to the series. Waiting on season two episode two! Trying to be patient! If you are a fan you will like this. Its fun, relaxing and challenging. Characters get more and more intriguing. End choices are tough and you see the effects from them!

Crash and burn

I like playing but it keeps crashing every time I finish a round and doesn’t count the stars that are needed to move on. Then you’re asked every time you do something if you want to buy a golden guess. NO. It would be nice to have a “don’t show again” option.

Narration awful

Why the one, monotone computer voice to narrate the whole thing? No bueno.

Love it but.....

Hey all, it's a very fun game with some cool twists with the game play but every time I try and open the game it requires an update and sometimes it lets me update and other times it has no option to update. When there is no update option at the App Store I can't get past the update screen in the game. So it's very disappointing and I hope the game makers fix that bug soon, and I'm exchanging emails with them and they are trying to figure it out. .......Update........4/3/18 Having trouble downloading the latest update again, it might be the wifi connection or it might be on the developer end. If it's on their end, I'm sure it will be fixed, hopefully soon. ........Update........4/20/18 Now the game doesn't let me connect to the internet so it won't let me download the last case for season 1, I haven't contacted the developers about it yet. ........Update........8/17/18 Games been running much better but there seems to be a bug with the game saying that a have 62/60 stars with a couple of the cases in season 1 also I tend to play the game off line and if I click on the hint button or the boost buttons during game play the screen turns grey and becomes unresponsive, I’m sure the developers will fix the bugs soon.

Gameplay issue

I love the game (even though I’m not great at it) and I really want to rate 5 stars, however there is an issue I’m having with the game. Every so often when I start an action or tap an item in a scene, the screen will turn grey as if the game has frozen. The only way to fix this that I know of is to restart the app; when I do this, I don’t lose stars but I do lose energy. The issue happens every so often and completely disrupts the gameplay experience. I’ll definitely change my rating if it is fixed.

I see what you guys did!

In the last update you made sure that when you passed a find the objects level, you get only half the energy back. Frustrating...

Just some suggestions

I’ve been playing this game since it came out in the beginning. I find it enjoyable for its plot and the general alien-mystery-crime-solvingness of the X-Files franchise. However, as it’s been updated, there was a sort of drastic change to my avatar when “male agents received a more rugged appearance”. I appreciate the option to make changes in the body-types of the avatars, but I was hoping both the previous and the new would be available. I like how my guy looked before. Maybe we could bring that back? Anyway, pettiness aside, I really enjoy the game and I think it’s a good way to the pass the time and also take the edge off of your craving for mystery. Thanks for the consideration.

Frequent crashing

The Case 7 update crashes often and sometimes loses your progress. This should have been cleaned up before the release. The game is fun to play when it works properly. It would be nice if the updates would include more than one case at a time.


It’s a fun game but it never stays connected to Facebook so every time I log in I need to reconnect to my account. It freezes up regularly. Kind of disappointing.

Robotic voice acting

I just downloaded the game and played the prologue. It isn’t that bad so far (because I haven’t played much of it yet) but one thing I have to say is, what is up with the voice acting? It’s literally a robot just reading what’s typed as the script. I mean I understand if you couldn’t afford a voice actor but it took me a minute to realize my character wasn’t talking it was the male agent (Gale? I forgot his name already) because the female robotic voice is used for every single character no matter their gender. Maybe I’m being unfair though because it was just the prologue and I haven’t explored the game at all yet. Maybe the robotic voice goes away once you dive into the actual gameplay without tutorial or it’s a feature you can control. I don’t know but I hope to hear some human voice acting added into it even if it’s not the best.

What the heck?!

I’ve been waiting months for the next case, and was ecstatic to find out that there was an update with a new case. Updated it this morning, only to be told “There’s a new update, you must go to the App Store to download it before you can play!” I’m aware there’s an update, I just downloaded it! But now apparently I’m not allowed to play. Am very close to uninstalling, which upsets me because I’m such an X-Files fan. Hope that there is some way to resolve this before I decide.


Make us wait 16 hours for a database search or pay you money? You have a lot of nerve! The purchases in this game are ridiculous! Response: You think you're clever? I have over one million cash and max each stage in one go. Enjoy working hard.

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