The X-Files: Deep State App Reviews

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One of My Favorite Mobile Games

I absolutely love this game. The X-Files theme makes it super intriguing and I love how you get to choose how to handle the end of the case (moral decisions often found in Telltale Games). There are a few things I’ll say about it that you should know ahead of time. Some of the challenges are absolutely impossible to do unless you already know where everything is OR you use a booster. You only get boosters through chests, waiting for them to refresh (I believe every 24 hours), or buying them. You’ll need to step away from the game and let it refresh if you don’t want to spend money to beat the level. Also, I’ve found that I personally haven’t enjoyed the last few cases as much as the first but I think it depends on the person. Overall, it’s a great game that will challenge you but also keep you interested as you try to solve the mystery. If you don’t like hidden object games, this is NOT the game for you.

Fantastic Game Unlike Others!

Honestly, I’ve played a lot of hide and seek games. And let me tell you: this is nothing like those! In this game you don’t just find all the clues and then bam! you know who the killer is and everything is simple. No, it’s realistic. You have to make realistic choices, just like you really would do. You have to wait for evidence to be analyzed. And really, how many people can’t wait an hour? And seriously, if you’re that impatient, just spend the .99 dollars to go on! And even when it might take 16 hours- as you have to on one case- the price to skip it is still .99 dollars. Yes, sometimes the game might want you to get an, ahem, ‘unreasonable’ amount of point. It’ll do that. No one would play the game if there was no challenge, right? I mean, if you play this game you’ve probably seen the old x-files. They have some challenging stuff. But if you don’t think you can reach the goal, use a booster. You get a free one every 5 hours, or you could buy one instantly for 300 game dollars. This game has such an interesting plot that I play for hours each day, every day, trying to find out more. Your character’s back story is vague yet fascinating. I simply can’t wait to find out what it is! And your partner, Garrett Dale, has a realistic back story. Family problems, we’ve all had ‘em. Such a great game! 5/5 would definitely recommend to all x-files fans who don’t mind a little waiting, or some adult themes (lights from above). Love this game!!!

Good game

In the latest update they changed it too if you win a challenge you only get 10 energy back. Before you would be awarded the full 20. Not a fan of this change and I play the game a whole lot less because of it.


The newest update will probably make me stop playing the game. I usually sit on my phone for at least an hour continuously playing until I run out of energy because I keep failing levels. Now the new update makes you lose energy EVERY TIME you play ONE level no matter if you beat it or not. I literally played for 4 minutes before I couldn’t play anymore because I was out of energy...and I am in no way “buying” energy, even with my fake money in the game. Please put this back to how it originally was. Also don’t like that the game forces us to update in order to play... I hate updating things right away, and this is why.


Just started to get into the game and now I can’t get past the update screen, to play again..

Are you trying to rob us?

Bad update ever!

I like this game BUT it crashes my iPad!

Just downloaded the latest update (a few hours ago) and the app has been crashing and also has been crashing my iPad. What’s going on? This is a fun game but I’m going to delete it if it keeps crashing my iPad. Please fix this! Thanks.


This game crashes too much.

Good game but...

I was in chapter 4 of this game and was forced to do an update, couldn’t get around it. After the update - I lost all my progress and it started over... not continuing this game. Pretty crappy, thanks a lot!


Won’t let me update

Update and lose your game

This is the second update I have done that gets the game stuck. It keeps telling me to update. When I follow the link, it is updated. Last time I deleted and reinstalled the game but lost all my progress. Is that what I have to do each update? Frustrating and I won’t reinstall.

I love this game but

I love this game so much but I just updated it and, despite that, the “update app” alert keeps coming up even after I have updated it! I restarted the app and even my phone multiple times. What do I do?

Don’t like new update

Dislike the newest update. Might stop playing the game sooner than I planned now.

Slow updates

I really like this game and enjoy the story lines. It’s reliving the X files! I’m only giving it a four because twice now I have been interrupted in the middle of a story to wait for an update. Totally frustrating What’s the deal? No other story game makes me wait days for an update.

Game stopped working

The game keeps telling me there's an update but it won't update and when I try to open from the app store I'm still caught in the same loop. Are there any options other than deleting the game and re-downloading which will also mean losing my progress?


While I’m loving this game, I don’t think FORCING people to play Pro to unlock certain story elements is a good choice. All that makes me want to do is uninstall the game and never return. You need to stop that crap! Edit: are you kidding me!! Agents should remember to use boosters. How about NOPE!!!!! That’s not OK at all! Uninstalling. Not playing anymore. Getting tired with this crap! I shouldn’t HAVE to resort to using cheats to win a level. Thanks but NO THANKS! Uninstalling permanently! If I could delete my account I would! I’m done!!!!

Update this game

I am enjoying playing this game now it says update please wait season 2 When will it be updated an then how what where update available

Love it but.....

Hey all, it's a very fun game with some cool twists with the game play but every time I try and open the game it requires an update and sometimes it lets me update and other times it has no option to update. When there is no update option at the App Store I can't get past the update screen in the game. So it's very disappointing and I hope the game makers fix that bug soon, and I'm exchanging emails with them and they are trying to figure it out.


I’ve been addicted to this game since I downloaded the app one week ago. However, the game keeps saying “ready for update,” for two days now and I haven’t been able to update on App Store and it doesn’t give me the option to update it. Just to let you know the addiction is quickly ebbing away. Another week of this and I will surely delete this game and move on.

Says there’s an update (there isn’t)...

This was semi-fun the first few days I played it, and then constant problems. Crashed repeatedly, then every time I try to open the game today, it tells me there’s an update. It takes me to the App Store for an update, but nothing new there. I tried to reload the game, and get the same annoying response. Very disappointing. I’m deleting, and looking for a reliable and fun game instead of this sad excuse...

X-Files deep state

Great game Why this happening again last time this happen I had start over hope it won’t do that to me again hate updates takes forever to show up to update why can this game stop with updates it’s not fair at all

Restore purchases don’t work

Update 4: The developer explained that they would no longer accidentally ignore my messages on Friday but I have received another automated threat that this ticket will be closed today and it’s Tuesday. The customer service has been lousy and I’ve requested a full refund from the App Store. Update 3: It’s been almost a month since I lost my purchase to this game. I’ve contacted their Customer Support (Creative Mobile) to credit it back or reimburse me. They are now threatening to close the ticket because they say they haven’t heard from me but I have a whole thread of replies and receipts that THEY have not replied to. At this point I just want my money back and delete the game. Update 2: I did as the developer asked and let them know about my review and my username. That was 6 days ago and never heard back from them. Update: There was a bug fix for the progress lost but they have not reimbursed me for a paywall. It’s been 7 days since I sent them a receipt and they have not credited or reimbursed me since! It’s been hard to advance thru the game with the number of bugs it has. Lost progress and now unable to unlock the next case even though I had already started it hours ago! Update: Contacted customer service because I wasn’t able to restore purchases after closing the app and it’s been 7 days and not a peep.

One of the best games in the App Store

I love the X-Files so much I could easily give this game 5 stars just for getting made ... but that’s not the only reason I did. This is one of the best games I’ve come across, mainly because it’s actually FREE. Yes, the option to pay does pop up, but you don’t really need to spend any money to advance the storyline. The writing is great and personifies the feel of the show really well, plus I like how you can choose to earn believer or skeptic points. Definitely worth the download :)


The update is not working and it requires to download the game again and start all over Fix this

Good but...

Great game. I enjoy it way more than any of the other hidden object games I’ve ever played. Great storyline & makes it much easier to continue on in the game without getting stuck often. My only complaint is that the game is constantly freezing, kicking me off, or very laggy.

Until they fix the bugs don't waste your time...

I was really enjoying this game until it started repeatedly logging me out while I was in the middle of playing. It is by far the most frustrating experience I have had with a game on my phone in a long time.

Fun game but...

Good search and find game. OK storyline. Season 1 is over, so there are only 6 cases after prologue. When’s season 2 expected to be released? You don’t have to spend any real money! The 1-12 hour waits are annoying but not a deal breaker (so don’t pay, just wait). Tip: once you unlock a scene, do all 10 searches before moving on. You can get extra stars that way. (You’ll need some in game cash to pull this off to pay for search bonuses, so wait till case 2 before starting this strategy and the go back and use extra stars for money and keys) Only complaint: case 6 says you can get 70 stars but there are only 6 sites. So you can only get 61 (1 extra from above strategy). I should be 369/360 but I’m at 369/370 and I’ve finished each scene. This is annoying because it makes me feel like I could do more but I can’t do anything right now. Please fix.


Great game but it keeps exiting out while I’m playing.

I went poopoo

i uuh.... I shat myself

Good Game that Crashes Frequently

Hi there! Huge X-Files fan. Now, I don’t normally like hidden object games, but perhaps it is the story in this one that really draws me in regardless. I do really love this game, however, I have run into a few snags with it. At first, I had downloaded and played it on my phone, but it kept causing it to overheat and the app kept crashing. I figured this was maybe because I was playing on an outdated 6S, so I opted to continue playing it from my iPad. On the iPad, it doesn’t cause any overheating, but the app still crashes every so often. Sometimes it crashes while I’m solving a puzzle, therefore wasting the energy I used to start said puzzle. Like I said, I do really like this game, however, I don’t think I should be having so much trouble with it.

Great Game

It’s a wonderful game where your choices do have outcomes later on. It’s exactly how it’s described by the videos except for the fact that you don’t play as Scully and Mulder from the x files show. Overall though, it’s a great gam if your into games that are about choices, storytelling, and finding hidden object. 5/5 would highly recommend

Very well done

Fun to play. Beautiful graphics. I’m enjoying this game so much! Anything The X-Files is welcomed and appreciated.

Crashing on iPhone 6+

I have been able to play the game but in an hour it has crashed four times during the very first crime scene. Seems like it would be a really fun game if this issue would be fixed ASAP.

Crashes Constantly

Every time I play this game it heats my phone up & crashes. I left the game for weeks & waited through a couple of updates only to come back to... every time I play this game it heats my phone up & crashes. Annoying. I give up.

Lightning Always A Problem

I had a decent amount of fun playing through the first two cases but then the third case seemed to become considerably darker. Tried changing backlight and ambient light in the room to find something that worked to no avail. Not to mention the Star requirement shot through the roof in case 3. Too difficult and not fun for this old x-phile.

app crashes

this app would be fun is i didn’t have to constantly reopen the app because it crashes . this has been an ongoing problem and i don’t recommend downloading it.

Love the game when I can play

My husband told me about the game got me addicted and now I’m waiting on an update? I don’t understand, why I can’t play until you have the update written? Once I can play again you can have 5 stars again. Update: the game has been updated and I can play again hooray! Thank you! And yes my husband is quite AWESOME! Thanks!

Update Loop - Resolved

I’m stuck for over 24 hours with the app telling me to update but no update is available. Is there a fix for this? *Update* - Perhaps have the update ready before denying access to the game

Great game

Game isn’t difficult at all. It’s appropriately challenging and well put together. The story lines are great and if you honestly have to give this a poor score because you can’t make the character the way you want to or are too slow to complete levels, then you have deeper issues to take care of than a hidden object game.. Edit: after I left my review of course something went wrong. It says that the game is ready to be updated. So I click update in the in-game screen and it brings me to the App Store. The App Store doesn’t give me an option to update, it just says “open”. Is this a bug? I’m debating on deleting the game and redownloading but I’m afraid that it won’t download where I left off, on the 5th story. Had to change to 1 star because now I can’t play my favorite game.... EDIT: updates back to 5 Stars. Love it, update works great although the app has been killing itself more frequently, hoping next update eliminates that :)

THE X- Files

Great Mind game interesting Missions need more cases than just 6. And instead of random agents would be better if actually scaly and Moulder were the ones investigating. Overall great game

All the crime scenes are classified

They are all now classified and now I can’t get more stars to continue the game.

Just downloaded and says I need update

Updated: Waited two days for the update so that I could try this game out which isn’t a huge deal. I loaded it up and it’s basically “Criminal Case” with an X-files story line. Not sure if Creative Mobile is a sister company to Pretty Simple games or not. If not, it’s just a knock off. If so, they just slapped a new skin/story on an old game and created a sister company to put it out to make it look new. Played a couple of cases and deleted. If you like Criminal Case, then you will probably like this game. If you were looking for something new besides color and story, then it’s probably not for you. Old review: So I just downloaded the game on iPhone 6s and it says the game needs to be updated. Well... there are no updates on apple. Not sure if this is an apple issue or game issue, but can’t play regardless.

Lost all progress

I lost all progress and cash i paid for after the update yesterday

Required Update for Play Unavailable

I haven’t been able to play the game in three days because when I open it, I get a message that says it needs an update. I click on the update button within the app that then takes me to the App Store and there are no updates available. I’m quickly losing interest.

X files

Ok game guy complaining about ... wanting to be black in game and maken and not haven black hair yea u probably should of thaught of that .... to me stupid petty racism at its best... get over it play it ..or erase’s a game not a black white thing. Jeeezzzzz


I LOVE THIS GAME! It is amazing, I like the mystery part and solving cases, plus the super natural part. Well all thats good, but yesterday i went on and it said,”This Game Is Ready For An Update.” So i clicked update and it brought me to the app store. No updates have been released. And I cant play till I get the update it says, i don’t know if its a glitch or not, but its really annoying

Glitches-but fun game

The game is really fun but there’s a couple glitches. Right now, since the update, I can’t play the game. After updating it, every time I tap on the app it days I need to update it. So I tap the update button, it takes me to the store, then it says it’s already updated. I deleted it and redownloaded it but the same thing happens. It’d also quit out on me a lot too. Sometimes in the middle of a search. Another one is when the treasure chest award things pop that cost money, it won’t go away by clicking X, I have to close the app and reopen it. It’s a new game. So there’s lots of bugs to work out. But overall, it’s a lot of fun.

New update issues

Love the game, great time killer and entertaining story. But this new update keeps telling me I need to update although I clearly already have, and it doesn’t allow me to play the game as such. Please fix soon, thank you

Immensely disappointing

This is a hidden object game, with very few actual puzzles, and more than halfway through the first case every puzzle is crazy easy. I have deleted the game from my phone, as I really hate hidden object games, especially those on timers—and no option to play through without a clock. The other thing is an endless stream of prompts from the game for one to spend money. I HATE that crap. If a developer believes the game is worth $100, they should charge it up front. Nickel and dime-ing customers until spending fatigue kicks in is just wrong. My fatigue threshold is extremely easy to reach, and so I am out. After the 7 CD PC-game for X Files, I expected more. I waited for literal decades for a new X Files game, and this is the garbage I awaited? No thanks.


Game will not start keeps saying it needs to be updated, but there is no update available...

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